EXIFViewer 1.6

Views and manages the EXIF metadata stored in images
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View and manage EXIF information embedded in the images. Digital cameras place information like resolution, sensitivity, file size, ISO mode used, Exposure, comments, camera model, copyright information, etc. Copy or export that information to other formats for better analysis.

EXIF Viewer is the most efficient tool for dealing with the extended information already
contained in your digital photos.
Every digital photo includes some extended information, such as ImageDescription, Model,
Orientation, Copyright, Flash, ExposureTime, UserComment. This information is not shown by
ordinary viewers. EXIFViewer utilizes exactly this type of information. The utility helps
you to sort, move or copy photos using this photo metadata. Print a list of only those photos
that were horizontally shot. Or select only those with a certain exposure. Or you may want to create
a .xls or .htm report where every photo is supplied with extended information (EXIF).
If you want to master your work with digital photos, EXIFViewer is what you'll need.

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